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Notes from Chapter One


August 2018


Chapter One is investing in one of the best product chains in the crypto space - Radar Relay. I'll write more thoughts on the investment soon - could not be more excited! -@jmj


June 2018


We are launching a blockchain dedicated product fund that we are excited to share with the world. The fund is called Page Zero and will partner blockchain teams who are looking for product help. 

Chapter One is a Product Fund. We like to get in the trenches with entrepreneurs we invest in and help solve product problems together. That’s how we add value and compete with larger funds.

As an extension of this approach, Page Zero will help blockchain teams who need real product help.

Read the entire article here: https://medium.com/@ChapterOne/introducing-page-zero-a-blockchain-product-fund-by-chapter-one-3001fcd56b94

April 2018


I'm very excited to announce that we are investing in Sweatcoin.

When I met Sweatcoin in January, the team was closing their Seed round with A+ investors including Greylock, Goodwater Capital, and Justin Kan - and they were the #1 app in the App Store in the United States for all categories.

I quickly built a bond with Oleg and Anton (Sweatcoin founders) because of our shared backgrounds in mobile. 

Sweatcoin lets you earn digital currency for working out and has quickly become one of the fastest growing health and fitness apps in the world. 

I'm very excited to work with the team on building the product this year and can't wait to dig in more. -@jmj

March 2018


We're excited to announce our first investment of the year in the amazing CryptoKitties team alongside Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

Read the full article here. Meow. 

January 2018:

Our 2018 goal is to invest in 10 deals this year. 

We are going to primarily focus on crypto assets and blockchain technologies. If you're building an interesting project in the space, holler @jmj

I'm hungrier than ever and want 2018 to be our best year yet.

December 2017:

In December, we closed a deal with a stealth autonomous startup based out of Mountain View, California. This was one of our "hardest fought" deals and it felt incredible to sign the term sheet. 

My SPV allocation filled within two hours. Our reputation is getting stronger and stronger. We're getting more amazing company referrals from other investors than ever before.

Quality wins. Hard work wins. 

November 2017:

We're amazed by the recent innovations in mobile and remain very bullish on mobile as a category. 

HQ Trivia is blowing our minds. Live mobile trivia with super polished production quality. If anyone tells you this is a fad, tell them to use their imaginations a little bit more.

It's easy to dismiss new mobile platforms, but we like to work with people who are curious enough to see the bigger picture and are able to feel inspired in moments like this. 

HQ Trivia might fail in the end. But users love it right now. And we do too.

Let's celebrate this moment of innovation and let it inspire us to build more amazing products. 

September 2017:

Damn. What an amazing August at Chapter One.

In 30 days, we made 3 investments. We are so excited about every company.

1. mParticle (data management) -- amazing product & team and dominating mobile world.

2. Public Goods (direct to consumer CPG subscription model) -- insanely cool model & launching soon.

3. Picks and Shovels (cryptocurrency tools) -- started by one of our favorite product minds, Matt Galligan.

August 2017:

What we are focusing on...

1. Mobile (we don't believe that everything has "already been built" like other investors)

2. Subscription Models

3. Cryptocurrency

4. ARKit


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